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Becoming parents heralds the beginning of a fabulous adventure, starting a whole new phase.

This new chapter in your life is shaped by your beliefs, environment, lifestyle and needs. Babymoov’s aim is to offer parents the very best solutions for this new and exciting adventure, supporting you in your journey through parenthood.

We will always be on the move with you. Just like your children, we grow with you, and we are committed to constantly bringing you innovative, eco-friendly, ingenious and durable products so you can enjoy this new life to the full.

Because we want the very best, for you and the planet. Because we work together to design solutions for life - your life

A banner for Babymoov feeding solutions, with a table filled with plates and healthy food and a nutribaby one baby food processor in the front of the image
a banner for nutribaby one baby food processor with the title of the product in white colour

The Babymoov Nutribaby ONE is your ultimate parenthood partner when it comes to nourishing your baby or toddler. Designed with your child's health in mind, this unique food prep machine is ideal for busy parents who value nutritious and balanced feeding.

a banner for nutribaby plus baby food processor in white colour, with the name of the product in white over a dark green background

As a new parent, you want nothing but the best for your little one, especially when it comes to their nutrition. That's where the Babymoov Nutribaby(+) baby food maker comes in. With its multi-functional design, you can steam cook, puree, blend, and process all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, creating healthy and delicious meals for your baby.

a banner for babymoov milky now baby formula bottle milk preparation machine with the title of the product in front of a dark green background

Milky Now is a bottle and warmer for the perfect prep of baby milk formula, designed to quickly and safely warm baby bottles to the perfect temperature for feeding. It is intended to simplify the bottle warming process for busy parents and caregivers by heating up the milk or formula in just a few minutes.

feeding accessories for the best of meals

And hop, here we are already at the stage of food diversification. A key step in baby's development during which you will be able to introduce him to new flavors 🍋 Find the FIRST'ISY meal box , BIB'ISY silicone bibs or our biosourced Babybols to help you develop in this stage.

a sleeping baby in dark room with babymoov yoo go plus video monitor in the front in light mint colour
baby sleeping in a dark room in wooden bed with yoo go+ video monitor from babymoov in the front

Our most portable, wireless YOO video monitor yet. The camera and screen are battery powered for even more freedom. No need to position your monitor according to the closest plug socket, and no more electrical cables for little hands to touch. Simply recharge it from time to time, as you would with your mobile phone.

mother holding a sleeping baby in a dark room with dim lighting with a babymoov yoo master video monitor in the front

The award-winning, low emission YOO Master Plus Video Monitor with large multi-feature parent screen -with battery-saving voice activation.

Operating via infrared vision, the rotating camera with zoom function means you can keep an eye on your baby by day as well as by night. The parent unit covers a range of 300 metres so you will always have a good connection in your home.

mother looking over her sleeping baby in a crib in a nursery with lots of lighting with babymoov yoo moov 360 video monitor in the front

Equipped with a large 11 cm screen and a zoom function, the YOO-Moov video baby monitor allows you to see every detail of your little one's room.

Its infrared sensor combined with a high-performance optical lens offers you excellent image quality . The camera can be easily hung on the wall (wall kit supplied) to guarantee you an optimal view of the room.

a babymoov baby audio monitor sitting on a nightstand in a dim lighted room with a blurred baby crib in the back

a baby laying down on a floor mat with their father smiling and looking over them
Best in Comfort
Babymoov comfort solutions are designed to provide coziness and support during sleep. Between comfortable sleep pads and anti-flat head pillows, there is a helpful Babymoov assistant for all little ones.
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