Elevate the way you stroll with your baby

The journey of parenthood begins with the soft heartbeat of your little one. And as they embrace the world, the Cangaroo Hydra ensures they journey in style, comfort, and ultimate safety. Navigate the varied terrains of life with ease, making every day an exciting adventure to share with your child.


0-9kg Cot

0-22kg Seat


Accessories Included

Easy, Compact, One Hand Fold

Embrace simplicity and convenience with the Cangaroo Hydra's innovative one-hand folding mechanism. Regardless of whether the seat is world-facing or parent-facing, you can effortlessly fold the stroller to a compact size. This clever design prioritizes your convenience, enabling you to manage the stroller even when your other hand is busy. The quick, easy, book-like fold transforms the Hydra into an impressively compact form, perfect for storage or transportation. Navigate your busy life with ease, knowing that Hydra is always ready to fold and go, matching your pace every step of the way.

Effortless transition

The Cangaroo Hydra isn't just about style and comfort—it's also incredibly user-friendly. From newborn stage, your little one can snugly nestle in the carrycot, specially designed for their early months. As your baby grows and reaches the six-month mark, effortlessly transition them to the stroller seat, tailored for comfort and safety until they reach 22kg or around four years of age. With the inclusion of the CYBEX car seat adapters, your Hydra stroller effortlessly transforms into a complete travel system. Just attach a car seat from any leading brand to the chassis, and you're ready for any journey. It's simplicity and flexibility, perfectly combined for your convenience.