Babymoov Nutribaby One

  • Steam Cooks

  • Blends

  • Sterilises and reheats

Easy baby meal preparation in one streamlined device

A Multifunction Baby Food Steamer Blender.

The Babymoov Nutribaby ONE is your ultimate parenthood partner when it comes to nourishing your baby or toddler. Designed with your child's health in mind, this unique food prep machine is ideal for busy parents who value nutritious and balanced feeding. Equipped with 4 functions in one compact design, Nutribaby ONE can steam, blend, sterilise and reheat. Steam cooking retains the nutrients and flavours of the food, while the blending function allows you to adjust the texture to your child's stage of weaning. The sterilisation and reheating functions ensure your baby's meals are always safe and at the right temperature.

Steam Cook

Steam cook vegetables, fish, meat, pasta or grains


Choose the foods texture based on your little ones age and preferences.


Hastle free, easy defrost for your already prepped meals. 


Reheat your little ones meals 


Sterilise bottles, jars and other small accessories

Quick & Easy

2 simple buttons are only needed for the preparation of meals


Thanks to it's large 2L capacity multiple meals for baby can be batch cooked or use to prepare whole family meals too

It's new improved central control panel offers easy one-button, one-function selection.

Nutribaby ONE is the only baby food prep machine on the market which has the ability to cook grains, pulses and oats also thanks to the cooking vessel in the steamer base - meaning whole meals can literaly be prepared in Nutribaby ONE!

The ability to steam cook and blend within one cooking unit means you can easily prepare one ingredient as a soft finger food and also as a purees. Offering both to baby from the early stages of weaning is a great way to get them exploring their food in various textures and forms and for developing co-ordination, speech and healthy eating habits as they grow up.

Nutrient packed cooking juices from the cooking vessel can be used to adjust the texture of your purees depending on your baby's age, as well as adding optimal flavour and nutrients back in.

How it works