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6 Benefits of using a Baby Food Steamer Blender for Weaning

by Angelos Elia 29 Oct 2022

Whether you’re a foodie or a beginner in the kitchen, the all-in-one concept of a baby food steamer-blender is designed to simplify the cooking bit so you can spend more time enjoying the weaning bit with your baby...

Although you might be thinking about the initial investment, parents will be pleased to know a baby food steamer-blender can be beautiful, functional and actually far more economical vs the long term cost of shop-bought baby meals.
Here's what else you might find surprising about using a baby food steamer blender.

Choose the weaning method you’re most comfortable with

Whether you want to go down the baby-led weaning route with softenned finger foods from 6 months or start with spoon-fed smooth purees - the Babymoov Nutribaby+  features both functionalities to prepare tasty meals and finger foods to support both methods. Better still - if you're doing a combination of the two, Babymoov Nutribaby+  will steam and blend at the same time which means you can prep twice as much in record time.

Batch cook

If your back to work or short of time to be in the kitchen everyday, you aren't alone! Our top tip? Spend 30 minutes 1-2 times per week to prep a batch of 2 or 3 taste combinations to stash away in your fridge or freezer.

Did you know? Nutribaby+  is the largest capacity steamer blender! With 3 steam baskets you can prep a different meal or food on each one. Blend, mash, portion and store away within 20 minutes. Cooking in this way for baby will also make your food shop go further. When you need a quick lunch for baby, Nutribaby+  has a defrost function and reheat function to gently warm food through thoroughly.

Max out their Nutrition

Steam cooking finger foods and veg for home made purees is the best cooking method for preserving taste and nutrients.

Nutribaby+ features like the cooking timer ensure foods are steamed for the optimal time to keep as much of their nutritional value in tact after cooking, while the rest is reserved in the cooking juice collector within the steamer which can be added back into your purees, soups and mashed foods.

Food Allergies

Discovering your baby has a food allergy can be source of anxiety for any parent when trying to avoid any of the common allergens like gluten, wheat, dairy, even some preservatives within some shop-bought purees and meals. If your faced with this, the beauty of meal prepping with a baby food steamer blender is that you have complete control over what goes into your food maker and more importantly, your baby's tummy.

Mess-less mealtimes

While we can’t guarantee the same for your baby after mealtimes, we can guarantee little or no washing up! Using an all-in-one baby food maker does all the cooking (for up to a week's worth of meals) in one steamer and one blender jug. Nutribaby+ is dishwasher-friendly too (minus the electrical part) for total convenience and perfect cleaning every time.

Not just for weaning

Once you've gone through weaning with a baby food steamer blender, you might even have used it to prep your own meals and realise how useful it was for getting more of the good stuff into the family as well at mealtimes. From pregnancy nutrition to weaning baby and whole family meals, Nutribaby+ was designed with the capability to nourish beyond weaning and to make healthier eating an easier habit for everyone. 2021 parent testers said "it genuinely helped their families to eat more vegetables."

Steam Sterilizer

Some baby food steamer blenders may double up with additional useful functionalities - Nutribaby+ doesn't disappoint when it comes to additional value-for-money features. Remove the steam basket plates to create one large conical sterilizing area with a pre-programmed sterilizing button for sterilizing up to 4 baby bottles or your breast pump accessories, dummies, toys - just as you would a normal sterilizer.


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