Explore the exceptional range of NADO car seats, designed with your child's safety and comfort as our paramount concern. From the versatile NADO O6, perfect for newborns to 7-year-olds, to the adaptable NADO O3, catering to the tender ages from birth up to 4 years, and the expansive NADO O12, accommodating your growing child from newborn to 12 years — our lineup offers unparalleled protection and comfort for every stage of childhood.

Meet the O range

The "O" family of car seats represents a holistic approach to child automotive safety, merging impeccable quality with unparalleled safety measures. Designed for use right from newborn stages, these car seats are characterized by their all-encompassing nature, ensuring that every aspect of your child's journey is covered. With a focus on exceptional safety standards, the "O" series stands out for its advanced protective features that meet and exceed rigorous testing requirements. Comfort is not compromised, thanks to the use of soft, luxurious fabrics that cater to the delicate nature of your baby's skin, ensuring a pleasant ride every time. The "O" family emphasizes versatility and longevity, offering a seamless transition through various stages of your child's growth, making it a prime choice for parents seeking a complete solution in child automotive safety.

Meet O3

Discover the NADO O3 Child Car Seat, expertly engineered for infants and toddlers from birth to 4 years old, or for those measuring 40 to 105cm in height and up to 18kg in weight. The O3 distinguishes itself with its superior reclining capabilities, offering a more profound and comfortable recline than ever before, especially in the rearward-facing position, with angles ranging from 155° to 165°. This ensures a safer and more comfortable journey for the little ones, mimicking a natural, restful lying position ideal for the delicate development of newborns. Forward-facing positions are equally catered for, with angles adjusting between 112° to 122°, providing a perfect view of the world for curious toddlers. The NADO O3 is designed not just for safety, but with an eye towards the growing family's needs, featuring easy adjustments for headrest and reclining positions to fit your child as they grow. Embrace peace of mind on every journey with the NADO O3, where safety meets comfort in every detail.


Suitable for: 0-4 Years | 40-105cm | newborn to 18kg

Complete 360 Rotation

Forward & Rear Facing Position

i-Size(R129) Standard

Comfortable recline, ideal for newborns and young children

Meet O6

Introducing the NADO O6 Child Car Seat, your all-in-one solution for seamless travel from newborns to 7 years old, or for children measuring 40 to 125cm in height. This versatile car seat offers the best of both worlds with its ability to switch between rear and forward-facing positions, facilitated by an innovative 360-degree rotation feature for effortless adjustment. Safety is paramount with the O6, which meets the rigorous i-Size standard and incorporates a sturdy support leg and rebound support to minimize movement during a collision. Its advanced SPS Side Protection System further enhances safety by providing superior side impact protection. Comfort hasn't been overlooked either; the O6 boasts multiple reclining positions and headrest adjustments to suit your child's needs at every growth stage, ensuring a comfortable journey whether they're awake or asleep. With its ease of installation via the Isofix base, high-quality, easy-to-clean fabrics, and a newborn insert for added support, the NADO O6 stands as a beacon of safety, comfort, and convenience for modern families.


Suitable for: 0-7 Years | 40-125cm | newborn to 25kg

Complete 360 Rotation

Forward & Rear Facing Position

i-Size(R129) Standard

Comfortable recline, ideal for newborns and young children

Can be used as high back booster from 15kg/100cm until 25kg/125cm

Meet O12

The NADO O12 Child Car Seat is designed to grow with your child from newborn to 12 years old, accommodating heights from 40 to 150cm. This forward-thinking car seat transitions smoothly between rearward and forward-facing positions, ensuring optimal safety and comfort across all stages of your child’s development. The O12 excels in versatility, offering adjustable reclining angles for both forward (110°-120°) and rearward facing (135°-165°) to cater to your child's comfort, whether they are resting or observing the world. With eight headrest adjustment positions, the O12 adapts to your growing child, ensuring a perfect fit at every age. The car seat combines the highest safety standards with unparalleled comfort features, including a deeper recline in rearward-facing position to support the newborn's spine, enhancing the overall ride experience. The NADO O12 is the ultimate long-term car seat solution, providing peace of mind for parents and a comfortable, secure journey for children.


Suitable for: 0-12 Years | 40-150cm | newborn to 36kg

Complete 360 Rotation

Forward & Rear Facing Position

i-Size(R129) Standard

Comfortable recline, ideal for parents looking for an all rounding car seat with complete rotation even up to 12 years.

Can be used as high back booster from 15kg/100cm until 25kg/125cm

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Nado O3 i-Size Car Seat 0-4Years, 40-105cm

Introducing the NADO O3 Child Car Seat, expertly designed to deliver supreme safety, versatility, and comfort for the youngest passengers from newborn to 4 years old, or for children measuring 40 to 105cm in height and up to 18kg in weight. The NADO O3 stands out in its category with enhanced reclining capabilities, ensuring that even the smallest passengers enjoy a cozy, snug environment while on the move.

Optimized Reclining for Enhanced Comfort: The NADO O3 offers unparalleled comfort through its extensive reclining range. In the rearward-facing position, it reclines between 155° to 165°, providing a near-flat lying position that supports optimal spinal alignment and airway openness for infants, mimicking the natural lying position. This feature is especially beneficial for longer journeys, ensuring your little one can sleep soundly and safely. In the forward-facing setup, the seat adjusts between 112° to 122°, offering comfort and safety as your child grows and gains the ability to sit upright and observe their surroundings.

Flexible Orientation and Growth Adaptability: Designed for newborns to children up to 4 years of age, the NADO O3 transitions smoothly between rearward and forward-facing positions. This adaptability not only meets the safety needs of different growth stages but also accommodates the varying legroom requirements as your child grows, making every trip comfortable and secure.

Tailored Comfort and Safety: The NADO O3 is engineered to grow with your child, featuring adjustable settings to fit their changing height and weight. Its emphasis on a deeper recline in the rearward-facing position underscores a commitment to providing the safest, most comfortable travel experience for infants, ensuring peace of mind for parents and guardians.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Orientation: Supports both forward-facing (112°-122°) and rearward-facing (155°-165°) positions, catering to the evolving needs of growing children.
  • Enhanced Recline: Offers a significantly deeper recline, especially in rearward-facing mode, to better accommodate sleeping infants and ensure their comfort and safety.
  • Age and Size Range: Perfectly designed for newborns to 4-year-olds, or for children measuring 40 to 105cm in height and up to 18kg in weight, providing a versatile and long-lasting car seat solution.
  • Safety and Comfort: Built to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable ride for infants and toddlers, with a focus on supporting the child's development and parents' peace of mind.

The NADO O3 Child Car Seat represents the pinnacle of infant and toddler car seat design, blending advanced safety features with superior comfort enhancements to ensure the youngest family members are protected and cozy on every journey.

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Nado O6 Childrens Car Seat, in rear facing position, in coconut ash colour

Introducing the NADO O6 Child Car Seat, designed for unparalleled safety, versatility, and comfort for children from newborn to 7 years old. Engineered to support children ranging from 40 to 125cm, this car seat offers the flexibility of rear and forward-facing positions, thanks to its innovative 360-degree rotation feature.

i-Size & SPS:
The NADO O6 adheres to the rigorous i-Size standard, featuring a robust support leg and rebound support system for superior protection. Its advanced SPS Side Protection System is specifically crafted to absorb energy from side impacts, providing additional safety from every angle.

Comfort is a priority with the NADO O6. It offers a recline function with four positions and angles specifically designed for both rear (155-165 degrees) and forward-facing (112-126 degrees) configurations, ensuring a comfortable journey for your child at all times. The unique design allows for a near-flat angle in rear-facing mode, ideal for newborns, to keep their airways clear and provide maximum comfort.

Five Point Harness:
The seat includes a five-point harness system, crucial for restraining your child and dispersing impact forces across five points, further enhancing safety. The inclusion of an aluminum support leg adds stability and aids in the prevention of rebound in the event of a collision.

Designed with convenience in mind, the NADO O6 features an easy-to-use Isofix base, reducing the risk of installation errors. The car seat's fabrics are high-quality, synthetic materials that are not only comfortable but also simple to clean, ensuring that maintenance is hassle-free.

With six adjustable headrest positions and a newborn insert that offers additional neck and head support, the NADO O6 is tailored to grow with your child, providing a safe, comfortable, and secure environment in the car at every stage of their development.

Crash Testing:
The NADO O6 Child Car Seat has undergone rigorous crash testing at the esteemed Applus IDIADA facility, a global leader in automotive safety engineering. Located near Barcelona, Spain, Applus IDIADA's laboratory stands as the most comprehensive independent integrated testing ground in Europe, renowned for its cutting-edge facilities. It specializes in the testing and evaluation of advanced driver assistance systems, as well as passive and active safety features, under the stringent standards of the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP). The facility's unparalleled reputation for independence, impartiality, and professionalism has earned it the unique distinction of being the only designated testing agency for ASEAN-NCAP in Europe and the United States. This ensures that the NADO O6 Child Car Seat has been tested to meet the highest safety standards, offering peace of mind to parents regarding the protection of their children on the road.


Feature Description
Age Range 0-7 Years
Size Range 40-125cm
Orientation Rear & Forward Facing
Rotation 360 Degrees for easy adjustment and access
Support Leg Aluminum support leg for increased stability and safety
Safety Standard Meets i-Size Standard for optimal protection
Rebound Support Designed to enhance safety by reducing movement in the event of a collision
Recline Angles - Forward Facing: 112-126 degrees <br> - Rear Facing: 155-165 degrees
Headrest Positions 6 adjustable positions for growing children
Reclining Positions 4 positions to accommodate sleeping and resting
Side Protection System SPS Side Protection System for additional side impact protection
Isofix Base Ensures easy and correct installation to enhance safety
Five Point Harness Distributes impact forces across 5 points for increased safety
Newborn Insert Provides extra neck and head support for newborns and small babies
Fabrics High-quality, easy-to-clean synthetic material
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Nado O12 i-Size Κάθισμα Αυτοκινήτου 0-12 Έτη, 40-150εκ

Γνωρίστε το Nado O12, το παιδικό κάθισμα αυτοκινήτου που σχεδιάστηκε για να προσφέρει απαράμιλλη ασφάλεια και άνεση στο μωρό εντός του αυτοκινήτου από νεογέννητο μέχρι και τα 12 χρόνια. Σχεδιασμένο για ένα μεγάλο εύρος ηλικιών, από τα 40 μέχρι και τα 150 εκατοστά ύψους, το Nado O12 μεταμορφώνεται από την όπισθεν όψη σε μπροστινή όψη. Προσφέρει παράλληλα ευκολία πρόσβασης του παιδιού χάρη στην περιστροφή 360 μοιρών.

Nado O12 Car Seat Functions

Μπροστινή και Όπισθεν Όψη: Το Nado O12 προσφέρει πολλαπλές θέσεις κλίσεις πλάτης ώστε το παιδί να είναι πάντα άνετο σε κάθε ταξίδι: με όψη προς τα εμπρός, απο 110 μέχρι 120 μοίρες, ενώ σε όπισθεν όψη προσφέρει μια εξαιρετική για νεογέννητα κλίση μεταξύ 135 και 165 μοίρες. Η κλίση σε 165 μοίρες σε όπισθεν όψη έχει σχεδιαστεί ειδικά για την ευαίσθητη σπονδυλική στήλη των νεογέννητων, ώστε το κεφάλι να μην γέρνει προς τα εμπρός, προσφέροντας έτσι μια εξαιρετική εμπειρία ταξιδιού για τους μικρούς ταξιδιώτες.

Ρυθμιζόμενη κλίση καθίσματος και ύψους προσκέφαλου: Με τρεις διαφορετικές κλίσεις, το Nado O12 μπορεί εύκολα να ρυθμιστεί έτσι ώστε να καλύπτει τις ανάγκες του παιδιού σας, είτε κοιμούνται και θέλουν να είναι πιο ξαπλωτά, είτε είναι ξύπνια και θέλουν να βλέπουν έξω προς το κόσμο. Το κάθισμα αυτοκινήτου διαθέτει επίσης οκτώ διαφορετικές θέσεις ύψους για το προσκέφαλο, ώστε το κάθισμα να μεγαλώνει παρέα με το παιδί καθώς μεγαλώνει.

Σχεδιασμένο για την ανάπτυξη: Κατάλληλο για ηλικίες από νεογέννητο μέχρι και τα 12 έτη, το Nado O12 έχει σχεδιαστεί για να μεγαλώνει και να αλλάζει καθως το παιδί μεγαλώνει, προσφέροντας πάντα ένα ασφαλές, άνετο χώρο στο αυτοκίνητο για τις νεαρές ηλικίες. Η ευελιξία του, το κάνει μια έξυπνη, λειτουργική λύση για γονείς που ψάχνουν ένα ασφαλές, αξιόπιστο κάθισμα αυτοκινήτου που συνδυάζει ασφάλεια και άνεση.

Λειτουργίες σε μια ματιά:

  • Όψη: Δυνατότητα όπισθεν και μπροστινής όψης για μικρά και μεγάλα παιδιά.
  • Κλίση Πλάτης: Προσφέρει πολλαπλές θέσεις ανάκλησης, κατάλληλες για νεογέννητα αλλά και μεγαλύτερα παιδιά.
  • Ηλικίες Χρήσης: Σχεδιασμένο για παιδιά από νεογέννητο μέχρι και τα 12 χρόνια, συγκεκριμένα από τα 40 μέχρι και τα 150 εκατοστά ύψους.
  • Ευκολότερη πρόσβαση: Χάρη στην επιλογή περιστροφής, μπορείτε να βάζετε και να βγάζετε το παιδί πιο εύκολη, περιστρέφοντας το στη πλευρά που είναι πιο κοντινή στη πόρτα του οχήματος.



Pack Dimensions




Fixing Support

Support Leg & Isofix



Age Requirements/Limits

Height: 40-150cm / Weight: 0-36kg / Age 0-12years